Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Last Night's Dinner Conversation...

Last night, as we sat around the dinner table, we had this conversation. We bought a ticket recently to one of the lotto homes in Calgary, and we were talking about what would happen if we actually WON the house... Barry is convinced we'd sell it right away, I'm convinced we'll move right in and never look back. Then a little voice interjected and said this:

Mason: "I KNOW what we can do! I have the perfect idea!"

Me: "What's your perfect idea?"

Mason: "This boy in my class, his Mum has her own house and his Dad has a house too! We can take turns living in the house!"

Said with such enthusiasm, having no idea at all WHY each of his parents have their own house. At nearly 8 years old, having NO concept at all [Thank God] why a Mum & Dad wouldn't live together... But thinking to himself, "Wow... He's got 2 houses to live at!"

And to be honest, the idea has some merit!! Just kidding honey! You'll have to move into the 'new' house with us! You won't be sorry. We can visit the neighbors. LOL.

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