Sunday, May 23, 2010

Long Weekend

We're smack dab in the middle of the Victoria Day long weekend. What that means, for those of you who aren't native Calgarians, is a drastic temperature decrease. This week the decrease was approximately 18°. Last Monday & Tuesday we stood watching the kids soccer games thinking "Are we ever lucky". By Wednesday, the arctic wind blew in. The arctic wind has been with us ever since.

We don't camp any more. So as I watched the mass exodus of tent trailers, 5th wheels and motor coaches leaving the city starting on Thursday afternoon, my only thought was poor you. Having said that, all those 'rigs' have a furnace in them, talk about luxury. When we camped, we really roughed it, we tented. And that was a long time ago. A life time ago in fact... And I don't know that I could be talked into camping in a tent again. Not now. Nope. I'm too old. If there isn't a mattress, I'm likely not going to be there. I feel pretty strongly about a furnace too. I HATE being cold.

It hasn't rained all weekend, which the earlier forecasts indicated it might do. We got to the zoo early on Saturday morning (Barry and Mason had actually had a sleep-over, as the wind up for Beaver's) So we met them first thing, and had the zoo to ourselves for the first 2 hours. It was terrific. We also got to see the dinosaur park, that has the interactive, moving and sound making dinosaurs. It's pretty cool. We got a BBQ in w/friends and the kids played outside on a brand new trampoline. They had a blast. And why is it, the cold just doesn't affect them the way it does us? We had all day today, Barry got the yards tidied up, and now, if it just gets warm, it'll be lovely to spend time out there. We still have tonight ahead of us, and the LONG AWAITED season and show Finale of LOST...

As a couple of die-hard "Losties" we've been watching this show since September of 2004. We've pondered, concluded, read message boards, hypothesized, tried to figured out characters motives, we've done good vs. evil. We've thought about purgatory, heaven, hell. But tonight, after 6 years in the making, we're going to have all our questions answered... [yeah, right] I don't expect to have questions answered, but I am very excited to be watching the very last show together. I'll miss our LOST nights.

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