Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Forgot...

About the smell of May Day tree blooms.

Seriously... when those quiz-type things go around asking all sorts of questions, you know the ones.. What's your favourite food; What's your favourite drink; What's your ideal get-away? Those ones. And then it asks: What's your favourite smell? I think, and I think, I hum and I haa... I usually put down answers like fresh baked cookies, or banana bread, or clean laundry. Don't get me wrong, I do like those smells, but as I was out walking this morning, I realized I do have another favourite smell. The smell of the blossoms on the May Day tree. It's absolutely intoxicating to me, that smell. It reminds me of spring. It reminds me of warmer days. The smell just plain makes me happy.

In our old house, we had a gigantic 40+ year old May Day tree on our front lawn. When the windows were open, the whole house smelled of that sweet fragrance. The biggest problem of course, is the blooms are so very fleeting. The smell is prevalent for only a few days at best. And if you get any type of wind a few days after they've bloomed, all the petals blow off. (And this is Calgary, or should I say, the windy city)

[Here's a picture of the May Day tree in front of our old house]

We were lucky though. When we moved, the house next door to us has a May Day tree in the backyard. It's right at our kitchen window. Right now, it's just on the verge of blooming. So within a week, I can have that smell once again wafting through the house.

When you get to enjoy something for such a short time (literally days) it's easy to see why you'd forget that it's one of your favourite smells. Another reason spring is my best season. The blooming trees. It's so beautiful. And if we can have a few nice days, we can even enjoy the blooms for a few days!

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