Monday, August 31, 2009

3 Days In

Mason has been back to school for three short days, and already today the first wave of fundraising stuff came home. I certainly don't miss that over the summer holidays. There have been a lot of fundraisers before my kids ever started school, that I've handed money over for.
Some of the best ones being frozen cookie dough and of course the scouts popcorn (and yes, that one will be coming around again some time in late Oct/early Nov)

Over the years, I have bought magazine subscriptions, I've bought crap, pardon me, I mean things from Regal. I've purchased frozen pizzas (ewwwww). We've had Tim Bit Day at school, sold Cinnamon Buns for fundraising. I've bought wreaths for my front door at Christmas time.

The kids are encouraged to bring a loonie/twoonie to contribute to causes at school. One cause I remember specifically was putting money toward fresh water for a school not in Canada. There is a call for the food bank, each child is asked to bring in a non-perishable food item, mitts, hats, blankets etc. There is the adopted family at Christmas. Each and every month we receive Scholastic book order forms, with a portion of the money going toward the school. (After all that fundraising, we're asked to send in our own box of kleenex for each child in the class)

And now 3 days into a new school year, we begin to bombard our friends and family with buying stuff from us. And I hate it. Mostly because, all my friends and their kids are in the exact same predicament.

I am shocked by the cheques being written and handed over on a regular basis. In fact, before I had a child in school, the writing of cheques in my life was obsolete. What with debit and credit etc, WHO needs a cheque book? In Kindergarten and Gr. 1, I think I went through 2 entire cheque books. And here we are, Gr. 2, and we're well on our way to writing more cheques. I am thankful at least, that he's not into hockey (yet) Then we'd be obligated to do those hockey Bingo/ Casino night (how appealing does that sound) I shouldn't laugh though, because Beaver's is an eye opener as well. With bottle drives, and popcorn sales, the pressure is on. I have a serious respect for the crap that my parents had to put up with.

So - if ANYONE is interested in purchasing a Student Union Ticket Pack, they're going for $20, and I'd be MORE THAN HAPPY to sell one to you. ;-)

Completely off topic, I don't think I blogged about finishing Madelyn's little girl room. I have a couple pictures to post. I'm so pleased with how her room turned out. And she's so happy with it to. The first time she saw it she said "Mummy, I just LOVE it..." That was awhile ago now, in July, it's old hat. She's stopped falling out of bed. All is good. And my favorite addition, is the groovy girl dolls that sit on her bed. Of course I LOVE THEM, not her. But that's ok, she still let's them sit on her bed.

These are some little canvasses I did, they are on the opposite wall. And I found the wall decals at Winners. Talk about lucking out with the color scheme. I just happened to stumble across them after my canvasses were done. I'd seen the Be.... thing on someone else's blog. I loved the idea, came up with some of my own words, and have been wanting to do this for quite sometime. I love it when a plan comes together.

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