Tuesday, August 25, 2009

We're Having Summer!

And can you believe the poor little kiddies head back to school? I mean it was HOT today. Summer time hot... Heart-breaking. But the fact that I have done absolutely NO back to school shopping is a bonus. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we'll get another few weeks out of shorts and sandals. I'm always hopeful. A glass is half-full kind of girl. Know what? That drives my husband insane. He's never actually come out and said, I HATE THAT QUALITY OF YOURS, but it's one of those things, that remains unspoken between us... I remain optimistic and believing, trying to see the best in things, and he silently fumes. (Sorry dear, but they do say opposites attract)

Speaking of opposites, get a load of the picture below, LONG and SHORT. Here's my guy with his spank'in new hair cut! Ready for grade 2! Teeth a bit reddish from the sucker he got, but no harm done! He must be a lot cooler too!

Today I did DAY 1 of an online class, through Simplify 101, called "Help, I Don't Know Where to Begin". It's about de-cluttering your house/life.

As fall arrives, and the kids head back to school, I'm trying to wrap my head around a few things I want to accomplish. Summers in our house is a time that all routines seem to fly right out the window. Around here, vacation means, bedtimes are more flexible. Meal times are more flexible. What we're going to do on a daily basis is more flexible. We planned a few things each week, and on the other days, we just flew by the seat of our pants. And it's so dreamy to do that. After a full school year of routines and set times, bus pick ups and drop offs, it's just nice to take the summer to breath a sigh of relief. Ahhhhhh.... And we've done that, and personally, I think we did it rather well.

Now, after that just-long-enough break, I'm ready to get back into a routine again. I'm ready to get up in the mornings and get Mace off to the bus. I'm ready to pack lunches again, and make sure I have snacks/juice boxes and muffins etc., readily available. I'm ready for bedtimes to roll around at 8:30. And I'm ready to get myself into a bit of a routine as well.

For the month of September any way, I'm looking at de-cluttering my house. Can you believe I still have baby toys and clothes lurking around? And my kids are 4 and 7. It's time. And the idea of getting rid of stuff, has me breathing easier... I don't want you to think that my house is a clutter zone. Like you would come in and not see anywhere, and I mean ANYWHERE to sit. No. That's not me at all. But I tend to hoard. What I'm saying is, please don't open my closets/cupboards/drawers... I'd be embarrassed by that. Now, having said that, you're more than welcome to come at the end of September, because by then, there'll be NO reason to be embarrassed. [You see that, I just gave myself and goal AND a challenge] Sweet. Here's to de-cluttering, September, and getting back into glorious routines.

This was what my 15 minute kitchen de-clutter looked like. Note to self, next time use a black garbage bag. There were a number of things that got pulled out my all THREE of the people that live with me! Crazy! So long mis-matched Tupperware and Rubbermaid. See you later disposable Glad crap. Adios old travel mugs (much to Barry's horror). Goodbye piece of crap butterfly cupcake mould...
Liberating indeed...

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