Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Motivated, but Not so Much

I have a problem. And I KNOW I've mentioned it before. I'm going to touch on it again. Blogs. Not mine. My blogs are relatively short and sweet, right to the point. 5 years down the road I'm the only one that's going to look back and say "right.... Maddy used to say buttnins, mittnins, marvels (for marbels) and eyebulbs..." And that Mason calls New York, You Nork. One day, I'll read back and be overcome with nostalgia. One day.

But for now, I am just trying my hardest to keep up with our current memories. I'm trying to document our lives, through scrap booking. I have so many stories and ideas I want to share, and then something funny happens. I sit down at the computer, I start to go through my favorite blogs, and darn it, before I know it, I've spent 3 hours 'surfing', and I've got NOTHING to show for it. It makes me so darn mad at myself!

I'm going to try very hard, to finish up a few layouts I'm working on. I want to do a few of this past summer, a few of last summer, and of course, now I have Mason's first day of Grade 2 under my belt. [I'd like to have that finished, before Madelyn starts her first day of pre-school next week!]

And if being behind on layouts, and catching up on blogs isn't enough. Lately, I've been trying to come up with a neat decal or idea in photoshop, so my g/friend and I (we'll call her Squeak) can make up shirts for our clothing club girls. It means countless hours farting around with programs and trying to create something just right. And then, while I'm doing that, I think...

Holy cow! My trip to NYC is a mere 3 wks away! The idea of it, actually makes my stomach queasy (in the best way possible). We've been talking about this trip, to New York, for 5 years now. There is a whole group of us gals going, 13 to be exact, and it's going to be AWESOME. We made up shirts when we went to Seattle in 2005 (my sweet little Maddy G was a only 4 months old back then) And what can I say, we've come a LONG way from fabric paint and t-shirts! This is what we all looked like in September of 2005:

Aren't we a great looking bunch? With our C.C.D.S shirts? Which of course stood for Clothing Club Does Seattle... I can guarantee we'll be in with the times this trip, and our shirts will be very tasteful and professional looking.

Here was little Miss Thing, our first night in Seattle. We were at P.F. Chang's, and she was happy as a clam, fast asleep in her bucket. This trip, I'm going sans kids... Laaaaaaaaaa (angel's are descending, in case you were wondering)
All jokes aside. Maddy was the best baby. She spent 5 days being carted to and fro. She was on OUR schedule, not the other way around. She napped when she finally fell asleep, and she was a terrific sport. Not everyone would have been able to do that. Thanks Mad. Oh, how I miss those days...

So I'm going to take a break from the blogs, if I can. And finish off a few pages. I'm going to try an not get wrapped up in other people's lives, and inspiration. I need to inspire myself, and I'm planning on starting that RIGHT NOW! [wish me luck]

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