Monday, August 10, 2009

Our Little Bow Adventure

I just wanted to add a few pictures, to compliment last weeks trip to Little Bow. So here is a lovely little collage I whipped up.

It's pretty self explanatory. Mason water skiing. Mason getting ready to water ski. Mason and Madelyn doing some dry land training. My brother. The canola field and horrendous storm we were driving into (the picture doesn't do it justice at all). And, those two little cherubs, my beautiful kids... How lucky am I? They just really like each other! Sorry Mum, I know you wished I'd have a few just like me... I super-duper lucked out!
Not up to an awful lot this week. Have the kids back into swim lessons again. Hope the weather is nice in the mornings at least. I'm making pickles this week, so that will be kind of fun. Last week I even made Strawberry/Rhubarb jam. Constant rain does indeed get you a bit more creative in the house!

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