Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Busy Week

Wow... It's been over a week since I posted something! Where has the time gone? Oh! I know, I've been madly working on last years Greece Album. Using.....wait for it.... [ta-daaaaa] my new- found digital talent, and SBE free templates!! Wooohoooo!

It's been nearly a year already, since our big 10 year anniversary trip. (Which also means, we're nearing 11 years married) Holy cow. It has been so fun to go back through these pictures in such detail, along with the little journal I kept. I feel like I've relived the entire experience. Day by day, what we saw and did, it was really nice to reminisce. It also makes me feel like we just got back. I had wanted to do some sort of a collage album, but until now, wasn't sure how to do that. Much to Barry's dismay, all my spare evening time has been working on this project. I'm pleased to say, it's all finished. I plan to send them to Costco to be printed, then I'll put together an album. I can't wait to see how it's all going to come together!

Last weeks swim lessons were awesome. The weather was great. The kids enjoyed themselves immensely. Madelyn moved up and will be taking Sun Fish, and Mason is in Swim Kids 4. Both of them are like fish in the water. It's important that they know how to swim! I ended up re-registering them for another set of lessons next week. I hope we'll be as lucky weather-wise.

Speaking of weather... Wow. I'll back up to Saturday. We decided to go boating to Little Bow Provincial Park on Saturday, we pulled the boat, packed a picnic lunch and dinner. We went, Chris came, and of course, Ama & Baba. The day was phenomenal. It was easy 30°, the only saving grace was the wind that blew all day. (Unfortunately, that made the water skiing a bit tough, but at least we didn't fry). Any way, driving back home to Calgary that night was something else. It started out bright and sunny, you could see clouds accumulating, but it was one of those times when it's hard to differentiate the clouds and the sky... Any way, within 1/2 hour of leaving Little Bow, we were in the middle of this crazy scary storm. The sky was BLACK, it was raining so hard you couldn't see, the lightening and thunder were intense. (Oddly though, one of the ONLY places I feel somewhat safe in a lightening storm is my vehicle) All the way home we passed through little storms and cells, we were finally grateful to be home. We learned on the news that night, that storm was very fast moving, had started around the Edmonton area and headed south. Leaving destruction all along the way.

Sunday we woke up to another HOT day. I ended up taking the kids to the outdoor pool, what a fantastic way to spend a hot afternoon. That night, we were woken up, at 1:15 am, by the most horrific windstorm, rain PELTING against the side of the house, lightening and sheet lightening. We need to close up windows in a hurry. The kids were both crying, and we all ended up taking refuge in the basement where Madelyn finally said "It's not so loud and scary down here Mummy". It lasted about 1/2 an hour. But I was sure there was something more sinister brewing, like a tornado. It was wicked. It was scary. There was so much lightening, mostly sheet lightening, but there was terrible loud cracks of thunder as well. Man oh man, mother nature scares me, with the level of destruction. We eventually went back up to our rooms. The kids EVENTUALLY fell back to sleep (as did I). Monday morning was cold and dreary. There was damage around the city, and the storm seemed to take everyone by surprise. Especially the intensity and the velocity at which it hit with.

Our forecast for the next week is dreadful. Monday through Friday, a daytime high of 14°, with rain. Lots of rain it looks like. It rained all last night and it's still raining now! Ewwww. We'll be doing some inside things this week it looks like!

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