Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Start of our Busy Week

As promised to my kiddies, we're going to try and cram as much fun into this week, as possible. The cloudy skies have FINALLY cleared up, and we actually got to see that giant yellow ball in the sky, we lovingly refer to as the sun... Ahhhhh, thank goodness. I just don't do great with grey dismal days.

And not because I long to remember, but because I HAVE to show someone, anyone, here is exactly what last Fridays, last day of swimming lessons looked like... Seriously, can you believe it?
That's right, that is indeed STEAM coming up from the pool... And no, it's NOT a hot pool. Just a regular old outdoor swimming pool in Calgary. Crikey...

Now onto something more palatable:

Yesterday's zoo trip. The day turned out much warmer than I'd anticipated, so my poor kids were in jeans, and Maddy, in a long sleeved tee. Yikes. It's just so hard to figure things out day by day in this crazy city!

And today, our adventure to Calaway Park, with the Wick's. It was a great day. We got sprinkled with a few showers a couple of times, but a stop to buy mini melts (Thanks Auntie Cole) and a trip into the candy store, and all you could hear was rain-schmain!

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