Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Water Skier in our Midst!

We've been at the beach for 4 days. Well, 3 actually, because you can't really count the day we got here. The water is chilly indeed, but there is more beach than I thought there would be coming this early.

Yesterday Mason water skied for the first time. And he got up the very first time! Not only did he get up, Baba took the boat around a loop and Mason held on and skied for a loop and a 1/2! I am so proud, and so pleased. I'm just in awe that it happened so easily. It certainly gave him a taste of success. He's already told us that one day he'll be a water skier champion. And did I mention how excited and eager he was to do this? He started asking the moment we got here "When can I try to water ski?"

Unfortunately, I can't post pictures. That will have to wait until our return home.

And perhaps you're thinking why is she blogging? Isn't she having a good time?
Well, indeed she is, but she's also taking care of her puking daughter... That's right... I am PRAYING that this only hits one of us in this household... Because I can assure you, it's bad enough to be sick at home, but even worse to be sick away from home. It's only been about 15 hours as of right now. Unfortunately it began last night around supper... The night was a long and wicked one. Bar's off to the laundromat now, with all the sweet girls bedding, enough said... Then he's off to play some golf. If you're reading this, send prayers our way, that this misses Mason...

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