Monday, June 22, 2009

Party Success

Why do you stress out about things that you KNOW will go smoothly? Like I'm sure a bunch of 6 and 7 years olds would question me about the authenticity of any of the Indiana Jones movies. Well, there might be some kids out there who know more than I do about the Indy movies, but thankfully they didn't come to our party.

As you know, we had an Indiana Jone's theme, here was the invite:
I decided to hold the party Friday after school, and it was a great idea, because it gave us our whole weekend. The adventure was successful, the games were successful, the raffia whips I made were successful (that alone made it worth the 4+ hours it took me to braid 12 of them).

The kids arrived and played outside, for a short time. Thank goodness, it didn't rain. The weather wasn't AWESOME, but it was nice enough to utilize the outdoors.

I took the kids in a few at a time, and we translated their names into hieroglyphics.
Then there was a little note for Mason to read, talking about the impending 'adventure'. I thought we might stretch the 'adventure' part out a bit more, but the kids were so excited, that once it started, it was on. Nothing was going to deter 11 excited kids. I had planned 7 clues afterall, it was a 7th birthday party.

#1 We started off with a Mummy Wrap, the kids broke up into teams of 2-3 and had to select a member of their team to be the 'mummy'. Within one of the 4 rolls of toilet paper was a clue.

#2 Next, they had to shoot poison darts (q-tips dipped in red paint, through a straw) at a world map, to try and track down Indy. (Guess what, he was in EGYPT)

#3 They had to cross the snake pit. (monkey bars in backyard) Once everyone was across, they found next clue.

#4 This might have been my favorite clue of all. It read: Good news, you crossed the snake pit! Bad news, some of you were stung by mosquito's that carried the deadly disease Malaria. In order to survive, you must locate and consume the antidote that will save your lives. The antidote was small boxes of smarties. Imagine the reaction when they HAVE to eat them, in order to save their lives!! LOL.

#5 Boulder Roll, my dh came up with this brilliant idea. The kids had to roll boulders down the hot wheels track to eliminate the bad guy. (We have since played this all wknd in the back yard)

#6 Locate the Crystal Skull...

#7 Find the Holy Grail, have to switch the skull, with whatever's within the box (this is where I put the raffia whips). The kids were elated.

After that was finished, pizza showed up and everyone got fed. We also did another craft, 'shrinky-dinks'. I had it in my mind, it would be like back-pack bling. The kids loved it, especially watching it transform in the oven. We sang happy birthday, ate cupcakes, opened presents and were hard pressed to get everything in within 2 1/2 hours, it was perfect.

Having said all that, I must have rocks in my head... Next years party is going to be either out of the house, or not as intricate. I've already been told, that he'd like to have a Pokemon party next year. I've noticed that it's all the rage right now, so I'd better go and pick up plates and napkins to have on hand!

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