Friday, June 19, 2009

Party Planner Extraordinaire...

I'm planning Mason's 7th Birthday Party. It's supposed to be taking place this afternoon, here at our house. In 6 years of birthdays, I’ve only had one “out of the house” event. It took place, at Let’s Play for Mason’s 4th birthday, which happened to be a Rescue Hero theme, in case you were interested.
Good grief that was 3 years ago.
This year, I thought things were turning around. In March Mason went to a Bowling Party. At the party Mace pulled me aside and said “Mum, I want a bowling party for my birthday!” Of course I said! Perfect I thought! Out of the house!
In April he got invited to a waterslide party. After that party Mason came home and said “Mum, I want to have a party at the waterslide”. Great! I said. Fantastic I thought. Out of the house!
When we talked about this year’s party (which happens to be an Indiana Jones theme) and the potential of idea holding the party at a waterslide, all was well until Mason said this: “Where will we have the adventure?”
“Pardon me?” I said. “An adventure?”
mk - “Yeah – you know, Indy always goes on an adventure”
me - “Well, if we have your party at a water slide, I’m afraid there won’t be any adventure”
mk - “Oh”
me - “So who would you like to invite to your….
mk - “Mum? “
me - “Yes?”
mk - “I don’t want to have a birthday party at the waterslide; I want to have my party at home”.

I'm slightly deflated because this just became an at home party.

And so begins, creating the party, to out-do all parties… And of course, I want everything to be PERFECT. So kindly keep me in your prayers because I’m stressing out about this WAY more than I should be…

Hopefully tomorrow at this time, I'll be posting lots of photos and saying how darn AWESOME it turned out. One can hope...

Oh and BTW - I'm terribly stiff and sore from Wednesdays work out. But the good stiff and sore..

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