Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Day AFTER Canada Day

Hello! Happy Canada Day! Wooohoooo! We had a great one here at the beach. I've never experienced a Canada Day in a small little town, it was a bit reminiscent of Christmas. Everyone was so nice to one another, everyone wishing each other a Happy Canada Day!

When I'm on vacation, my special treat is to purchase magazines I wouldn't usually purchase... (it's like my form of 'golf' if you will. Even though a dozen magazines doesn't really compare to even a single round of golf) Any way, a few days ago I p/u this awesome Betty Crocker Appetizer Magazine. And YUM-O. I whipped up a few things in honor of Canada Day, and it was great. Last night we went and sat on the public beach (along w/3000 others) to get our place to watch the fireworks display. It was amazing, the people on the beach and in the park. I had no idea there ws THAT MANY people in Sicamous, but then I thought, wait a minute, usually all those people are in Askew's... (The little grocery store in town, that is usually bursting at the seams with people through the summer) The lake too, was littered with boats, which was neat, but we didn't feel up to boating down. Maybe next year. Any way, the display of fireworks was incredible. It rivaled the Stampede EASY-PEASY. Of course Mason still said, "We'll get to go watch the ones in Calgary right?" Well I suppose now he has something to compare to.

Our little sweet pea is still in puke mode... Nice... Not quite as frequently (the puking that is) but enough of the EXACT same symptoms as a little friend in Calgary, that I know when I googled the "Norwalk Virus" I was right, without a doubt. Enough said.

In happier news, our little Macy water skied again, successfully! He's a little natural! I just can't wait to post some pictures of that! In fact yesterday we got some video of it as well! Can't wait to figure out how to load that stuff!!

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