Friday, June 26, 2009

I'm Singing Dora's "We Did it" Song

We made it through Grade One. Today was the last day of school. Mason took these in to hand out to each kid in his class. I think it went over smashingly.

Today, June 26th, Mason also turned 7 years old. It's shocking... I don't know what happened to that sweet little baby boy. He's turning into a delightful little man though. We all love him to pieces.

His 3rd birthday cake in a week! It's vanilla of course!

He's doing rabbit ears behind Baba's head. It must be something new he learned, because he thought it was completely a gas...

Uncle Chris knows the way to a little boys heart. Indiana Jones Lego... Dreamy!

We're heading off on summer vacation. Can't wait!I'll check in upon our return! Be prepared for some great pictures!
Happy Canada Day all!

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