Thursday, May 12, 2016

WITL - Wednesday Photos + Words

Here are my photos + words for Wednesday:
First cup of coffee of the day. In my favourite mug. Isn't that silly? To have a favourite mug? If I have to leave the house in the morning, I won't pick it. I only pick it if I'm having a quiet morning at home.

After Mason leaves for school, Lib watches what's happening on the street. She knows we wake up Madelyn after he goes. As I head toward the stairs I say "Let's go get Madelyn" and she flies off the chair and beats me to the top of the stairs. Every morning.

There she is. At the top. Wondering why it takes me so long to get there...

I'm not sure how she fits so much on her bed. Barely enough room for her most days. But 2 things she loves, stuffies and being cozy.

Morning greetings on the stair landing. And yes, Madelyn is indeed wearing one piece fleece jammies.

Barry drove Mace to school early this morning. He had to be there for 7:30, he plays badminton on Wednesday mornings. This morning he came home with a surprise, Timmy's breakfast sandwiches.

Even Mad got a Timmy's treat this morning. What a great way to start off the day.

This little mook doesn't like to be too far away from her people. When I go to my computer, she follows and just sleeps near where I am.

The forecast is for a weather change, so we take advantage of a nice morning, and I walk the dog after I finish up my work on the computer.
 Today's lunch, a ham bun with blueberries and strawberries.

Sititng in the sunshine. Monday and Tuesday were chilly and cold. Today it's finally nicer, though the wind is cool. But sheltered in the back yard, this little doggie is pretty happy. 

Barry and I at a meeting at the school. 

Picking up a few groceries and things for dinner. I wonder how many people watch me set up my phone to take photos of myself and think 'what on earth'...

Tonight we grilled burgers. During the warmer summer months, we eat burgers. A lot. They're my favourite. Finally, Mason at nearly 14, is on board and enjoys them too. Miss Madelyn, not so much, but we always grill a wiener for her.

Mason has been putting in a lot of time practicing guitar. He's really good at it. He's shown great improvement.

This little dog gets so loved on. She often gets trapped caught in Madelyn's room. She does on occasion escape get out. She has come down wearing an outfit or two before. She's even donned a french beret. She's a pretty patient little dog though, and secretly I think she enjoys the attention.

Hot tub maintenance. There are always water and chemical levels that need to be checked. Barry's quite diligent about taking care of it.

A quick look at the photos + words of Wednesday.

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