Saturday, May 14, 2016

WITL - Friday - Photos + Words

This week as gone by quickly. It's been a lot less stressful capturing our 'week in the life' in this format.
Mason only has a half day at school today. He's not crazy about the 1/2 days. They don't have regular classes, but rather 'health classes'. On the agenda today: Nutrition.

Speaking of health, Grade 5's are working through the 'human sexuality' unit. And we forgot to do last nights homework. So we need to go through the crossword puzzle this morning. 

Mad didn't get her lunch made last night [which has only happened a handful of times since September] I quickly cut up some ham and cheese and made her lunch.

Homework getting done at breakfast. 
Grade 5's also decided to run a pajama day at school. On Friday, for a small donation, kids could wear their pajama's to school. It was recommended that students bring a loonie or a twoonie, or even just loose change to school. All proceeds are being donated to the Red Cross, to help the community of Fort McMurray. I love that this school supports other communities so willingly. The leadership, thoughtfulness and compassion these kids show, is awesome. They ended up fundraising $1737.50. Which, considering was a campaign that was spear headed on only Monday, was pretty impressive. The government is matching contributions, so our donation will become $3475.00. Well done!

I went to Costco this morning for a number of items. I'm still in a state of shock as to how busy it was. It was absolute bedlam in their... Seriously, I was beginning to wonder if everyone knew something I didn't, and if I should be stocking up on water and non-perishables...

My lunch. Left over burger. In my happy place for sure. 

Apparently instagram has changed their icon with their latest upgrade. I'm annoyed. I LOVE this icon. In my opinion, it doesn't need changing. Somethings should be left alone.  
I met a friend for coffee. Sometimes last minute coffees work the best.

Picking up after school. She wore onesie jammies and a bathrobe. This girl is in her element in pj's. These once in a blue moon 'pajama days' are totally up her alley. 

That face... I laid down on the couch right after school, for a moments. To warm up and to snuggle my little dog.

Taking Mad to the pool for her swim class. The jammies are still on... She's still in heaven of course.

This little boy loves Vietnamese just as much as I do. We dropped Mad off at the pool, and then the 3 of us went and had a bite to eat.

 Pre-carwash spray. It's really handy having a teenager on hand.

 My driver.
Picking this girl up from the pool. Having a few driveway selfies before going into the house.

 Also taking a few solo selfie, unbeknownst to me...

I found this hilarious article, on how to be a classy drunk, which I promptly sent to my ringette Mumma's. Because if there's one thing I've learned over the ringette season, it's this: we can most definitely classy it up a bit. Oh how I would have loved to be a fly on the wall while each of them read this silly article.

There's a look at my photos + words for Friday.

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