Friday, May 6, 2016

Girl is 11

An apparent reoccurring theme here, seems to be the quick passage of time.

As in, where on earth does the time go?

One particular thing I've noticed, is that when you're keeping a project life, or weekly album, you tend to regularly look back through past years or weeks. With this style of album, for me any way, I capture little tidbits from our days, or an event happening in our lives. Looking back at a photo, with a little bit of journaling, can take you right back. Like it was yesterday.

One of my most favourite shows, when the kids were little was called Peep & the Big Wide World... There's an episode called Peep's Can, where Peep and Chirp are talking, about how he came to be living in a can.
Peep is telling Chirp, "How did I move here? I remember it like it was yesterday"
Chirp asks, "When was it?"
and Peep responds, "Yesterday..."

Also, the narrator is Joan Cusack... C'mon people, Joan Cusack. These cartoons are perfection. Go watch it now. I promise you won't be sorry.

The whole reason I was reminded of this, is because so much feels like it happened only yestesrday. 

Another favourite line from this little video, was this:  "It was the best day of my life... It was the only day of my life..." says Peep.

So much goodness in these little videos.

Celebrating the birthday of this girl is a bit sobering, first of all because she's 11. Seriously, my baby is ELEVEN... It also celebrates the anniversary of how long we've been in our current house, which is also eleven years. That particular statistic shocks me because I'm SURE I WOULD HAVE CHANGED or PAINTED INTERIOR DOORS IN MY HOUSE, like I told myself I would long before 11 years has gone by.... Right? Wrong... Same gross doors... We can't possibly have been living with those blah brown doors for that long. Yet we have. [My guess is we'll have them when we've lived her for 12 years as well] Check back next year and see. My guess is they'll remain the same.

It took us 11 years to change out light fixtures in our dining room and living room and front entrance of our home. But we changed them, and I love them. Why on earth did it take so long to do that? Next year, I'll probably say, "Gosh, we've already had those 'new' fixtures up for a year..."

Any way, I digress, back to the birthday girl.

She's 11.

Our tradition of a special birthday breakfast [french toast] and a morning treat continue.

Nutella stuffed donuts... Which were very much anticipated. Sadly, the only bit of Nutella is what you see in the photo. After the first bite, they were apparently, 'very disappointing'.

This was her transformation for the evening. Into Rosie... A grey haired wig, readers and a grandma sweater didn't fool anyone into thinking she was 'old Rosie'. She was involved in the Musical Club at school. She had one of the longest lines in her 'Off Their Rockers' Musical at school, and of course, she 'nailed it.'

Miss Madelyn, you are an independent, strong-willed, intelligent, kind, stubborn, thoughtful and emotional young lady. You can be so very frustrating, but deep down, I know that if you possess the same qualities when you're 25... Girl, you're going to do things. The hardest job I have, is to be firm, to try to instill the things in you that we feel strongly about, and at the same time, be very careful to not knock down your self confidence. Every day is a juggling act. I want you to know, that no matter what, you are AWESOME. You give me a run for my money, but I wouldn't want it any other way. Happy Birthday Baby Girl. Your Dad and I are crazy about you.

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