Saturday, May 21, 2016

WITL - Sunday - Photos + Words

Well just in under the wire of a week... These are pictures from last Sunday, the last day of participating in week in the life.

I'm glad I captured it. I looked through last years album, and that's always inspiring. So who knows, maybe I will just create something for this years week in the life after all. Because now I've got all my photos recorded and the words behind the pictures...

Today was not a day that we could all hang around together. It was a beautiful morning. I was enjoying my coffee on our deck in the sunshine, Miss Libby was enjoying the warm sun, and the boys were getting ready to meet up with the Scouts and go river rafting. They left around 9 am. 

Boys getting ready to set afloat. They boated from Bowness Park, down to Shouldice Park. 

Mason was in the boat full of cubs moving up to Scouts. They had a great float down the river. The water is not yet moving very fast. It was monitored very closely for the few days leading up to them rafting.
Madelyn had her last 'spring ring' session, she's played for the last 6 weeks, they do a half hour of drills and and a half hour of scrimmage. There were 6 girls from her team that participated. It was a nice way to end off the season, while keeping her on her skates a little while longer.

The Tsunami Mommies, well, 3 out of the 4 of us. We certainly made the most of all our Sunday afternoon get-togethers. I'm pretty sure our 'getting together' will not end. Love these girls!

After ringette, our plan was to head to Bowness Park, to meet up with the boys. However, Barry called and said 'DO NOT COME'. The day was gorgeous, and apparently, everyone had the same idea to go to Bowness to enjoy the day. We were going, because it was the Scout 'swim up'. Beavers moving to Cubs, Cubs moving to Scouts, Scouts moving to Venturers etc. So, being told not to come, suddenly gave us a bit of freedom.  

Mad asked if we could go to Menchie's... Which was ironic, as yesterday I took Mason. I agreed, and said, 'this is our little secret'.

Mad's is on the left, she knows how to do it. Vanilla yogurt, sprinkles, coloured chips, cookie dough bits, mini M&M's and brownie chunks. Mine is on the right, butter pecan yogurt, cookie dough chunks, Reece's chopped up PB cups, sprinkles and coconut. [Regretted the coconut after my first bite] I don't often 'change it up' but the butter pecan flavour was delish.

 First attempt at yogurt capture, saw she was coming in for a 'photo bomb', so I went with it.

Me and my girl, a Menchie's selfie. The wall colour in the place though, not great with skin tones.

We got home, and decided to take Miss Libby for a walk. Madelyn wanted to look for garter snakes. So she got all her needed supplies and away we went to Split Rock.

Taking Madelyn and her net, you have to be ready to do a lot of 'standing around waiting'. Which is okay, until the first hour is up. I finally said to her "COME ON... Let's walk" and she told me, that I should just be happy that she wanted to be outside exploring, rather than being at home playing video games. Touche Madelyn, touche...

Lots of water striders, and buzzy things, but no frogs, or fish, or snakes. And we just missed the muskrats, that the people ahead of us saw. We also saw lots of evidence of beaver teeth in the area.

This t-shirt, is a riot. It says "I still live with my parents" and when I saw it, I knew it was a must have.

When we were getting ready to head home, Bar texted me that they were heading home. 

As were we. Libby is exhausted for the ride home.

Today I collected all the of the stuffed animals Libby brings us [she sneaks them out of Madelyn's room, if her bedroom door isn't shut. You can perhaps surmise, she often forgets to close her bedroom door] Libby comes downstairs, very proud of herself.  Every single time. Obviously Libby has some kind of fascination with the ones that have the large eyes.

We grilled steaks for dinner and had salad. The evening was lovely. Suddenly Madelyn heard the ice cream truck. She patiently waited and waited, until, it headed down our street...

This just makes me anticipate summer even more...

A little light reading in bed. This boy is very eager to get his learners license and will be eligible to do so in 6 short weeks. Eeks! Don't get me wrong, I think it's awesome. But how can he possibly be old enough to drive a vehicle already?

Some reading before bed.  Love that my kids love to read.

There's a look at my photos + words for Sunday, and I'm really glad I documented them. I knew I would be.

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