Tuesday, May 17, 2016

WITL - Saturday - Photos + Words

I got a little bit behind. Here are Saturday's photos:
I love Saturday. I especially love Saturday morning. They're even better if we're all home, and don't have to rush out of the house first thing. Madelyn had an invite to a birthday party, and was being picked up at 10:30. Barry left shortly before that to head into work. But for a few early morning hours, we had nothing going on. It's still not as warm as it was last week, the sun was shining, so I went out and checked out my planter box.

This peony came up so early. Can't wait for the blossoms to bloom. The ants are hard at work.

With Madelyn at a birthday party and Barry working, Mace and I hung out. He asked me if I would take him to Menchie's for frozen yogurt. How could I say no?  Mine on the left, Cake Batter frozen yogurt with peanut butter sauce and a sprinkle of M&M's. Mason's was vanilla yogurt, with caramel sauce and skor bits. We keep things simple. We're also keeping this trip to Menchie's just between us.

I'm getting a lot of leverage with opening up every sentence with "Take a photo with me, it's 'week in the life." He's been a pretty good sport about it.

Since we were at Menchie's, we popped into Winners to look for t-shirts and shorts for Mason. He's growing out of all his current clothes. He'll say I tricked him into going to Winner's. I may have withheld information, but I wouldn't say I 'tricked' him.
I also made Mason do a mirror selfie with me in Winner's, to add to the torture of course. And yes, he's that tall now... [sigh] To be honest, until I saw this picture, I guess I've been in denial that not only is he taller than I am now, but that he's that much taller than I am. He's a good kid.

After Mad got home from her birthday party, we hung out in the front.  The wind was chilly today, but we were totally sheltered from it. We enjoyed the afternoon on the patio.Much too bright for photos with out sunglasses though.
Then this guy came home from work, and we all enjoyed some time on the patio.

These two are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary today. My Mum sent me this screenshot of their photo shoot on the beach. You guys rock. I know marriage isn't always easy, especially in the ebbs and flows of life. But the values you taught your kids and grand children are definitely your legacy. I'm so glad you two are my parents. Congratulations!

The kids are finally old enough to stay home by themselves for a few hours. We picked up a pizza for them to enjoy, while Barry and I went out to the pub for a few hours.  It seems like it's taken a lifetime to get to this stage of our lives. Yet, looking back, the years have gone by in a flash.

Hot tub time.

All week long, we push the limits of bedtime. And then it seems on a Saturday night, we're in bed early...  Love this shot, of us reading in bed. Both of us with our readers on...

There's a look at my photos + words for Saturday.

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