Wednesday, May 11, 2016

WITL - Tuesday - Photos + Words

Another reason I'm semi bummed out and not feeling as motivated about week in the life this year, is my Nikon seems to be having issues. Major bummer. I had error messages on it before Christmas, and then googled what I could do to help. I cleaned contact points on the body as well as the lens. I bought a new memory card. I changed lenses, but yesterday I got the same error message. Again. Which really sucks. I guess I'll have to take it in for a service, but I'm afraid that will lead to lots of money being spent...

Thankfully I have an iPhone. Which takes pretty decent pictures. I mean, obviously not the same caliber as the Nikon, but pictures nonetheless. Memories if you will. Memories that don't care whether or not they're from a Nikon on an iPhone...

Here are Tuesday's photos + words:

Coffee and breakfast taking place.

Sometimes Barry has breakfast the same time as Madelyn. Usually he's working when she has breakfast. After mentioning yesterday that Madelyn eats porridge every day for breakfast, this morning she had Rice Krispies. I noticed after I loaded this photo, that Barry's covering his face. I'm sure he thinks he's being funny. And yes, yesterday's dry laundry is still sitting at the end of the table.

 Brushing teeth before heading out the door to school.

Going to school today is 3-D lenseless glasses and cat ears. Love this girl. Tuesdays is safety buddy day, so she needed to be at school early. Barry gave her a ride. He does most mornings.

 Libby watching her people disappear for the day.

Libby watching  a rabbit on the front lawn. There's no doubt she'd like to get a hold of rabbits and squirrels.

 Into the shower, after everyone has left for the day.

Making the bed. Love the sunshine that pours into our room in the morning.

On my nightstand. I'm currently reading a book called Everything I Never Told You, by Celeste Ng, after numerous reading busts over the last few months, I'm pleased to say this is a story that peeked my interest almost immediately.

Drying my hair. Last year at this time I was thrilled with my new short hair style. I did love it, but the upkeep was too much. So now I'm patiently waiting until it fits into a simple pony tail again. I like this length. Plan to keep it in a short bob, but long enough to have it in a ponytail. [Woody and Buzz light year are on the dresser, because when our student from France came, Mason no longer wanted them in his room] They have to be put away properly. Of course those two guys are keepers. I'm never going to get rid of them... But the realization that Mason is 'too old' to have them in his room, is a little bit bitter sweet. 

  Always dishes to do.

We had our carpets cleaned a few weeks ago and decided to change our furniture around. We put the leather furniture into our family room, and the stuff from our family room into the living room. It's been a welcome change.  Even the kids, who were dead against the idea, have come around.

A selfie with my Mum and Dad. I went over to their place for a visit this afternoon.

On my way to school to pick up Madelyn.

A sweet reunion. This little dog loves her people fiercely. And this little girl loves that little dog right back.

Tonight for supper, once again were just the 3 of us. We enjoyed Taco Tuesday, always a favourite. Again, I forgot about getting photos of us gathered around the table. Barry had to work late again, and this time didn't get home until just before 10. A super long day, when he leaves the house at 8:15.

Tonight we hung out on the couch in the family room, and went over our days. And enjoyed a beer together.

A quick look at Tuesday's words + photos.

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