Saturday, December 18, 2010

We Made it!

The school year is over for 2010. When the kids go back, it will be 2011. It just doesn't roll off the tongue the same does it? I've LOVED saying twenty-ten. Now that we're nearing the end, I'm realizing, I didn't say it enough. I'm going to miss it for sure. The last few days before school finished up, just kept increasing in intensity. I had two kids, that yesterday morning, I had to PRY off the ceiling to get them to school on time. This past week, the entire school has made their way to the gym every morning, to sing Christmas carols, and have a a winter or Christmas story read to them. The energy around that school has been so positive and festive, it's been terrific.

The kids were thrilled to hand out their class treats. Again... I was not going to entertain the idea of making 45 treats [both kids] but relented in the end. It helps that the treat I made was easy-peasy. Having said that, it was still quite time consuming. But, the end result was worth it. I got the idea for these treats here. And I'm not ashamed to admit, I copied them EXACTLY. [Why mess with something that looked so darn cute] The theme at school this year, surrounding the Christmas Concert was " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas" so in my mind, this couldn't have tied in better.

The little tag reads: may visions of sugarplums dance in your head. I got called Martha this week, by a couple of Mum's at school. And do you know what? It didn't even hurt my feelings.

It's been cold around here this past week. Really cold. It's been snowing now, on and off for about 3 days, but to be honest, I LOVE SNOW AT CHRISTMAS. I love the whole 'white Christmas' thing. Rumor has it, it's supposed to warm up again at the end of next week, but for now, it just makes everything look exactly as it should.

With the cold, we've had plenty of hot chocolate. There's just something so darn comforting about drinking hot chocolate, all the while looking at the snow falling outside.

This is our first weekend home in the past 5 weekends. We're doing a WHOLE LOTTA NOTHING. I have to catch up on my December daily. My last bit of work I did on it was last Monday night. You definitely have to keep on top of it, or it becomes completely overwhelming. I'm pleased with the format I've used this year. So far I love how it's turning out.

I'm off to finalize my menus for the next few things coming up. I've got girls night Monday night, Christmas Eve and Christmas day grub to sort out. Whoop-whoop!! Eating, eating, eating... It's all good.

I also made these for my little teacher gifts from the kids. Super cute and inexpensive way to package up teachers gifts. I forgot to take a picture of them before they were sent to school [gasp] I used just plain old lunch bags, but they sure looked cute once there were done.

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