Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First Day of Advent

Here is our 2010 matchbox advent calendar. I think it turned out so darn cute! Each day has a little treat [M&M's/piece of gum/pretzels] and a message rolled up on a piece of paper. Last year I agonized over the messages. I wanted it to be perfect. What I ended up doing was making things much more complicated and tedious than they had to be. It became way too over loaded there was no way we could possibly keep up. I learned my lesson. Plus last year I dated all the messages, which made it impossible to switch them up. This years messages are much more simplistic. Some of them were as simple as: Tell someone at school you're glad they're your friend. Smile at everyone you see today, and wish them a Merry Christmas! Read a book to your sister. Eat dinner by candlelight. Sing your favourite Christmas carol as loud as you can!

It's bound not to be as all-encompassing as last year for sure.

The second advent calendar is this little gem. A Lego advent calendar. Given to the kids by Ama. The kids are beyond thrilled. They have agreed to take turns each day opening the calendar. Each day is a figure that they have to create. It is bound to be an exciting month.

Then, imagine my surprise to come across these pictures on my camera, of Miss Madelyn's photo shoot. Apparently she put it on for Barry when I went up to the bus to get Mason. But man, she's got the looks down pat... Eeks!

She wore the sunglasses for the rest of the day, until it got dark.

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