Thursday, December 9, 2010

Productive Day

Today was so productive. I got Christmas presents sorted through and even wrapped some of them. [Gasp. Yes, I said WRAPPED!] I made gift tag labels, I finished decorating my mantle, I crafted up some window hangings. Madelyn and I made some Christmas trees I found here. I grated and froze a bunch of buns for Christmas 'stuffing'. I made crock pot nuts 'n bolts.

Have I mentioned that I'm having a love affair with my crock pot lately? Seriously. Check this website out, and you just may never be the same again. I also got her cookbook from the library, it's called Make it Fast, Cook it Slow. There are some really good recipes in there. I might have to actually splurge and buy the cook book. I made the Asian Peanut Butter Pork AGAIN the night before last... It is so good... I'm not kidding, it makes my eyes roll into the back of my head. And guess what, BOTH kids ate it. There's just nothing else to say. Or, if I was being optimistic, I might say, mission accomplished.

Last night we had the kids Christmas Concert at school. And GUESS WHAT, it was called this year? Why it was called the CHRISTMAS CONCERT... Whoop-whoop!! The kiddos were so excited, both got to perform. This year Mason joined the choir, he got to perform last night and tonight. Our crew went last night because that was the night Madelyn was there. Barry, myself, Ama, Baba, Grandma and Grandpa made our way there, to proudly watch. It is so much fun. Then they all came over afterwards for a visit, a drink and some dessert. That has been our tradition since Mason was in Kindergarten, and you just don't buck the system.

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