Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Miner's Rescued

I watched the rescue of the 33 miners in Chile on and off the last day and a half. When I was watching it, I was scared I would jinx something, so I'd watch someone emerge [with tears streaming down my cheeks] and then quickly shut the TV off.

Every time some one came up, I watched family members embrace. I thought how I would have felt in that situation. Let's face it, most mining disasters do not have happy endings. Imagine giving your husband a kiss, as he heads out the door to work, and not seeing him again for 69 days. The first 17 of those, sure that he has perished. [I think it was 17 days before they realized they were all still alive] Then finding out that yes, he is alive, but it will be at least Christmas before they see the surface of the earth.

So many emotions just watching this unfold. I can't imagine living it.

How amazing that they were alive, that they got out 2 months earlier than the original plan, and that they all came up looking so spiffy. God definitely had a hand in this miracle.

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