Thursday, October 28, 2010

Almost There

Seriously, how'd that happen? It seems like the weeks just fly by one after the other. The days just melting into one another. I had no idea I would be this busy, but it seems that now that Madelyn is in school half time, I am running around more than I ever thought possible!

Tomorrow is the last day of school in October. It also happens to be the Friday before Halloween. I'm thrilled this year, because the kids are both able to, and encouraged to dress up for Halloween tomorrow.

I've been working on a few things, first I thought I'd share this picture I did for our 'vampire wall'. What's the matter with this picture? I'm looking evil, while Barry just looks jolly. I kept redoing the picture, over and over saying "Ok, this time hiss at the camera"

This is what I got:

Considering he rarely smiles such a lovely smile in pictures, it's a bit ironic actually. I just went with this picture. Me looking evil ["or just like yourself", as Barry pointed out] and him looking like a jolly vampire.

These made their way into the kids lunch boxes this week. Spooky finger cheese sticks, with delightful red pepper nails.

These are the things I whipped up to send to school with Mason tomorrow. He was quite pleased. He helped me put them together.

This is a little something for the kids teachers. Just a small hand sanitizer and a box of tic tacs decorated with a strip of paper and ribbon.

Then I packaged them up like this. Darn cute if I say so myself.

Only a couple more sleeps...

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