Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 on the 10th - October 2010

Look at that, it's 10/10/10... Would have been a nifty day to get married. Or have a baby... A date like this won't come around again for a long time...

1. It's over-cast today, but delightfully warm. How lucky are we? Last Thanksgiving weekend it was bitterly cold. I specifically remember because we were supposed to have outdoor family pictures taken, and ended up needing to find something inside. The result, wonderful family pictures taken in the Plus 15's downtown. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how they turned out!!

2.Getting ready to go to Ama's house for Thanksgiving dinner. Mmmmmm... Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. Turkey, dressing and cranberries oh my...

3. I began Halloweening my house on Thursday. But I've still got boxes scattered all over. My kids want to help, and I want to do it by myself. I'm kinda stalling until Tuesday. Does that make me bad? Some things just need to be done a certain way.

4. I've gone through a cookbook I got from the library. It's all Crock-Pot recipes. I've got a list of 60 or so I'd like to try. Too bad my kids turn their nose up at everything. I'm just going to try some recipes, and see what's good.

5. We've sold some furniture on Kijiji. It's so easy, and people have come and taken stuff right out of our house, after they pay for it. Loving this new way to 'de-clutter' bigger items.

6. Out of a family of 4, we've only got one persons Halloween Costume figured out and hanging in the closet. That would be Madelyn, who has decided to be Little Red Riding Hood. Be still my beating heart... [You have to remember, she's been a pumpkin 2 years running, a spider and a chicken].

7. I am surprised that it's already heading toward the middle of October. I kind of forgot how hectic Kindergarten is, with all the drop-offs and pick ups. It seems like I'm in a rush all the time. I rush to get to school, I rush to pick up groceries, I rush to get back home and put them away, I rush to get the girl before the office calls me... [So far so good, but only just]

8. I am now writing this 8 hours later. My belly is full of turkey, stuffing, cranberries, brussel sprouts [my personal favourite] green beans and sweet potatoes... I couldn't be any more satisfied.

9. I'm kind of bored of tv these days. Don't get me wrong, there are a few shows I look forward to. But the whole reality TV thing, it just doesn't float my boat any more. Not that it ever did. Can you believe I've never watched Survivor or American Idol? Sheesh...

10. I feel like I need to make the transition to the 'digital age'. I feel like I need to get caught up and stay connected. Soon my kids are going to know more than I did. [Just like I learned right away how to use a VCR to it's full potential and my Mum was lost {sorry Mum}]. Maybe it won't be so bad... Maybe I'll be able to blog even more... The part I'm worried about, is I'll be able to blog surf even more.

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