Saturday, October 23, 2010

December Daily and other Halloween Stuff

I've decided to follow the idea of the December Daily, like Ali Edwards does. You can check hers out here. It's a lot of work to begin with, but if you start early enough, and plug away at it, all you have to do is take the pictures and collect the mementos for the actual month of December.

I did it last year. I won't lie, getting it together was a lot of work. And yes, you have to be dedicated to take the pictures and and do the documenting, but once the month is over [the whirlwind that the month of December typically is] you have these wonderful images and pictures to cherish. Seriously... This couldn't have already been a year ago could it have?

Last year I tried to make every page unique and different. This year, it's going to be a lot more simplistic. I created my own 5x7 template, and the book will be that size. I'm anticipating it being very awesome upon completion.

Speaking of anticipation... This little girl is getting very excited about Halloween. I made her this lunch last week. She refused to eat the clementine... Too cute she said. [I had no problem eating it]

These are the cookies the girl and I did last week. I decorated them over the wknd. I'm afraid I won't be going into business any time soon. Next time, I think I would do one type of cookie at a time. It gets a bit time consuming to change colors. Plus you need a thicker icing to pipe around the edges, then you need to thin it a little to flood the cookie... I haven't perfected it, to say the least. But they ARE dang cute. I love the cauldron...

I picked Mad up from Kindergarten to today and we had to 'fly' to art class. I packed her a little lunch to eat there. I found the ideas for brown paper lunch bags here. [I also sent the skull and cross bone bag to school with Mason] Last night, as I was putting the labels on the juice boxes, Barry shook his head at me, and said "I sure hope the kids realize how lucky they are".
Well, to be honest, me too. But I know if they don't realize it now, they will eventually.

Every year for Mason's class, I've always sent in a little class treat of some sort. This year, his class size went from 18 to 29. So I had kind of decided that maybe I wouldn't do anything for his class this year...[Now that I have one in Kindergarten AND one in Grade 3] That's close to 45 treats... Eeks. Any way, he came home from school today, and informed me, that he told his teacher today "My Mum likes to send in treats for the kids..." Good thing I have an idea up my sleeve. Better get it going!

Last but not least. I made this over the weekend. I took an old frame, the glass had broken on it, mounted some halloween paper on cardboard, and hot glued some spiders onto the paper. Super cute!

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