Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last Week's Full Moon

One day in September, I looked outside and realized, hey... that moon looks full, and it was. But we had too much on the go, and we weren't able to co-ordinate a moonlight walk. This month, I was sure to jot it down on the calendar, so we wouldn't miss it again. My new calendar, doesn't keep track of the moon cycle... Can you believe it? [So it's not really my fault we missed the full moon in September, it's the calendar people's fault.]

We went for our full moon walk [only it wasn't much of a walk] last Friday night. The day ended up being cloudy and cool. The days that led up to it were SO nice and warm, but full moon walk day was chilly. We decided to try a different location. After some brainstorming at breakfast, we decided to head to the airport. There's a viewing area there, to watch planes land and take off. Since the clouds were hanging on the horizon, we knew we might not see the moon, and had to see something. So off we went.

We had a fun time. The kids really look forward to our outings. They do their drawings, and write down what they see. They were both quite content sitting in the backseat of the car, sketching and watching. They only got out for a few moments, the arctic wind was just too cold. One of the highlights for them, is the snack that is offered. And it hasn't really been a big deal. First time we had licorice. Then we've had granola bars, dry cereal. It's not like it's something extra special like say a Crave Cupcake.... Mmmmm... But they LOVE the idea of a snack, and they love it when the snack gets to be eaten in the car. That's not the norm around here. NO FOOD - NO DRINK is our motto. [And when Daddy realized a chocolate chip had melted on his seat, and as a result, on his work pants... I didn't say it to the kids, but it' pretty much guaranteed, that they just consumed their very last snack IN the car...]

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