Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Already?

I'm not sure what happened to the past week.

I know I woke up on Monday morning... I vaguely remember getting the kids to school on time...
And now it's Friday afternoon. Just like that. The week has simply vanished.

I thought having Madelyn in Kindergarten would afford me slightly more 'me' time. But surprisingly, it doesn't. Right now I feel like I should be getting paid by the school board, with all the time I've spent there. This week alone, I've been to the first Parent Council meeting of 2010 [and just as I remembered, they're slightly dry, and we did run over our alloted time] I've been to a Volunteer Coordinator meeting, and contacted all my 26 parent volunteers... That's right, 26 [which doesn't include myself or Barry] Gulp. And today I spent the day at the Glenbow Museum with two of the grade 3 classes... Next week library volunteering starts up again. Wowser, and I thought things would get quieter once the kids were back in school! Silly me!

I thought I'd have time for morning work outs. I think I've managed to get two in since school started. I thought there'd be more time for coffees. I've gotten together ONCE with ONE friend. [Thanks Nicole!] And you others... You know who you are, we need to get on top of this immediately. I thought there'd be lots of time for groceries and errands that could be run with out kids. But I've nearly been late for pick-up twice...

Is it just because we get older, that time seems to go faster? Looking forward to a couple of turkey dinners this weekend. Mmmmmmmm..... Looking forward to a quiet weekend. I'm in the midst of decorating for Halloween. Can't wait to see the final results.

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