Friday, October 15, 2010

Getting our Spooky On...

I've attempted to make our house spookier this year. That was my kids request. Last year Mason told me my decorations were to "cute". His words, not mine. So I've rummaged around, I've hit a few thrift shops, I'm doing my best to get our spooky on. This is what we've got so far:

I wish I had a before and after picture of my mantle, because we've truly transformed this from cute pumpkin perch, to totally spooky.

Picture shelf in the living room has been transformed with spooky pictures too. From vampire kids, to changing portraits. I guess I'll have to do update a 'spooky' picture of Barry and I, to update the frame in the middle. [Funny how the mind sees only what it wants, I didn't really notice that until I saw a picture of it]

This was the cheese from a 'muffin tin lunch' I did this week. I sent them along with Mason, packed in his lunch box too. Come to think of it, he never said anything about it...

The kids milk glasses, and yes, I'm 100% sure there will be spills. But they're loving drinking out of these glasses at dinner... [Pumpkins came home from the patch]

Yesterday, the weather was so glorious. Madelyn and I spent the afternoon at the park. Much to her horror, I made her pose for pictures. I can't get over how messy this child's hair can get in a nanosecond... I'm dreading hat season. The static cling will be a nightmare.

Last night, a little boy had his investiture, and became an official Cub. Much to his horror, I took him aside and made him pose for me.

After the investiture, we had a campfire, and the moon was rising... It was a wonderful evening. A perfect way to end off a perfect day. [It is October right?] It cooled off quite a bit after the sun went down, but it was much better than sitting in a gym.

Then we got up this morning... And this is the view out the kitchen window... Yup. That's snow. Which answers my previous question. Yes, it is indeed October. The difference a day can make here is crazy.

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