Tuesday, July 21, 2009

For Today

FOR TODAY July 21st, 2009

Outside my window...it's getting dark. The day was a hot one. I think we hit 29° (it's about time) Night time is a cool welcome relief. The owls are starting to stir, and as they do, they cause quite a ruckus. They don't play nice with the other birds.

I am thinking...I'd better go upstairs and get Mason's lunch packed for his camp tomorrow. If I do it in the evening, it takes my stress level down an entire notch in the morning...

I am thankful for... This weeks great weather for zoo camp. It just wouldn't be quite the same in a torrential downpour.

From the kitchen... I made home-made Vietnamese dinner tonight. Rice noodles, pork, carrots, bean sprouts, cucumbers, chives and peanuts drizzled with hoisin sauce. It's not very often both my children are excited about dinner.

I am wearing... A tank top and a comfy pair of old navy shorts. They look great from the front...

I am creating... Some canvasses for Madelyn's bedroom. I'm changing her room around this week, we have a mattress coming for her new 'big girl' bed on Thursday.

I am going... to meet my Mum for coffee in the morning, SANS kids. How lucky am I on a mid-summers morn?

I am reading... a book called Tomato Girl. It's great. An easy summer read. It's the type of story you wish went on and on, because you want it all to work out all right.

I am hoping... That the rest of summer will be as pleasant as this week has been.

I am hearing... Barry's watching a program on TV that is bleeping out constantly. You know the bleeps I'm talking about. The bad word bleeps. I don't know what he's watching, but I'm surprised he's hearing anything but the bleep'in bleeps.

Around the house...I'm just about caught up on the laundry. It's mind-boggling how much a family of four can muster. It's no sooner sorted away into the proper drawers, than back in the laundry basket again.

One of my favorite things... Lazy, sunny, drink my coffee on the back patio, kinds of mornings.

A few plans for the rest of the week... Sort out Madelyn's room. Get her bed put together. Register the kids for some swimming classes, and maybe for some fall classes. Decide what to have for a BBQ for friends on the weekend. Make some appointments, and enjoy my quiet mornings.

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