Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More photoshop pictures to dazzle you with!

Still having a ball with this class! Feeling like a whiz.

Had a nice day today. It seemed so foreign to wake up and actually SEE the sun! Took the kids to the park. They had a great time. Mason even got to see a couple of his school friends there.

I'm hoping the next few days have pleasant weather. In the mean time, check out a few more altered pictures!

This was today's challenge, to open a picture, create a mask (rounded corners), add several different textures, add an overlay, then add text over that (two different fonts to be exact). It was to create an image from start to finish. I am having so much fun! I'm sorry the class will be done on Friday.

This is one I did of my dear Grama. It was taken on Christmas day, around 1994 I think... Any way, it's hand tinted, and has an overlay on top, it's supposed to look vintage-ish. I added the swirls because now I'm starting to show off a bit...

My oh my, who is this handsome couple? The picture looks 100's of years old, but alas, it's only nearly 11 years old! (Enough with the swirls already!)

This picture used a technique called Burnt Edges. Around the outside of the photo is dark and the subject of the photo is lightened quite considerably. You can really see the difference if you place the before and after photo together, but I can only put them in one photo at a time.

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