Friday, November 19, 2010

The Weather Outside is Frightful...

Just like that we're immersed into winter... After 4 days of frigid temperatures and lots of the white stuff, it already seems like winter has been around a lifetime. The kids have been hustled into school Wednesday, Thursday and today. The windchill makes it too darn cold to play on the playground. The roads are icy. Travel time anywhere takes an extra 20 minutes, MINIMUM. The house is cold. If I thought I was dressed warm before, that was a joke, now I've got 3 layers on at any given time. And it's dark by 5:15 pm...

Are you ready for the good news?

-Madelyn LOVES the snow. Each time she goes outside, she giggles.
-The kids have played in the snow after school for an HOUR, that's right, an HOUR every single day. They come in with crazy red cheeks and a healthy glow.
-We get to drink hot chocolate, and what's not to love about hot chocolate, ESPECIALLY with marshmallows.
-We've started singing Christmas carols. [Mad's favourite right now is Joy to the World]
-We get to stay in our warm cozy houses, with no where to be in the evenings.
-I have all the ingredients for ginger snaps out on the counter... Mmmmmmm.
-Tonight we're planning on putting up our Christmas tree.

So, the good news about the bad weather, it's getting us in the mood for Christmas!

This is how I spied Madelyn in the backyard yesterday, ON TOP of the compost bin...

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