Sunday, November 14, 2010

All my Banners

Can you believe it's nearly my 2nd Anniversary of this Blog? Freaky... But it's been fantastic. Last year I even created a 'blog book' so I have all my posts for the years 2008 [November] and throughout 2009 forever more. When I went back recently, and read through my posts of 2009, I realized that none of my blog banners are included. You know, the one thing I AGONIZE over. So I thought, perhaps I should create a blog, of all my past blog banners. [After all, now that I'm immersed into PSE and everything, that's the fun part of the process for me too!!] Without further adieu.... Here are my banners over the past 2 years!

November 2008:

December 2008:

January 2009:
February 2009:
March 2009:
April 2009:

May 2009:
Summer 2009:

September 2009:
October 2009:
Christmas 2009:
Winter/Spring 2010:

May 2010:
Summer 2010:
September 2010:
October 2010:
November 2010:

You can tell I start to get really excited around May 2010. I just LOVE the whole digital thing. Seriously, if I were 10 years younger and in my early 30's, I would TOTALLY be into graphic design. Don't get me wrong, I totally am, I'm just not ready to head back to University for it. Hind sight is 20/20!! Oh well!! LOL! Now I just putter around and LOVE Photoshop Elements!!

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