Wednesday, November 10, 2010

10 on the 10th - November 2010

  1. As soon as the weather turns a teensy bit cold, I want to hibernate. I’m not kidding. Because -5° is NOT what I’d call frigid temperatures, when we’re used to -35° [not including the wind-chill] Our poor furnace is on over-drive right now. And I’m cold 24/7.

2. I volunteered at the library this week [at the kid’s school] and I got to pull all the Christmas books off the shelves. What a great way to get into the Christmas season… And then yesterday at the mall, all those Christmas Carols singing… I enjoy Christmas, when it’s not stressful. I hope a month from now; I’m not totally stressed out!

3. My lent camera is going back to its rightful owner tomorrow. I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity I was given. Thanks friend, for trusting me with your baby. I promise I’ve taken very good care of it.

4. Every. Single. Time. I utter the words; “she’s been a pleasure to be around lately” she morphs back into this child I’d like sell at an auction… Why does life work like this? Why?

5. Now that we’re into November, the Gingerbread and Eggnog Latte’s have become available at Starbuck’s. I do love the Pumpkin Spice Latte {extra hot, no whip, half sweet don’t you know} But I haven’t yet had a Gingerbread Latte, which is a close 2nd after the PSL, at this “most wonderful time of the year”. Starbucks has also got this great “Share your Stories” thing going on this year. It coincides perfectly with my story sharing and December Daily.

6. Lately, I’ve hardly watched any television. So when I’m prepared to watch a show I’m looking forward to, and then find out that the CMA Awards are on instead, I’m EXTREMLY disappointed. [I’m just thankful I didn’t go to the work of getting my popcorn made!]

7. I’m wondering if my house will EVER look clean and tidy for longer than a 5 hour period. My sweet mother pointed out that the show homes, don’t actually have people living in them, when I recently told her “this is what I envision” as we walked through some show homes. It does help a bit… But, not completely.

8. It’s November 10th. In case you need to know, that’s only 45 days before Christmas. The kids are finished school in 37 days [not including weekends of course] I need to get things sorted out and purchased. That will make our December relaxing and pleasant…

9. 2 weeks ago, I watched Private Practice. It’s ironic, because when there was about 25 minutes of the show left, I said to Barry: “I think I’m just about done with this show.” Then, the last 20 second snippet of the show was so shocking and violent [that I barely slept a wink that night] and then refused to watch the show the next week for fear of more NON-SLEEP. Now I’m torn. Do I watch, or no? I just don’t do well with visual images. Enough said.

10. When I dropped Madelyn off at Kindergarten the other day, she came back over to and said, “Can you believe some of the Mum’s just drop their kids off and leave, BEFORE the bell rings? Isn’t that sad?” I thought it was ironic, because she’s been going to school for 2 months. She’s been dropped off EVERY day by her Dad or I. And NOT ONCE has she looked back and waved at us, so how the heck would she know whether we’re there or not??

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