Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First Snow

Or should I say first substantial snow. Or better yet, the first snow that has stuck around... It was somewhat expected.

Yesterday morning, when I picked up Madelyn up from Kindergarten, I thought "What a beautiful day". The sun was shining, the sky was blue. It wasn't even too cold. One of the other Mum's said, "Have you heard about the winter storm warning?" At that point, it was news to me.

I picked Mason up from the bus at 3:30, it was still quite nice, though the wind had picked up, and seemed to be coming straight from the Arctic. Then Barry said, "Storm's on its way..." And I thought, Hmmmmmm...

Here's my theory on winter storms... When they're expected, the don't usually amount to much. But when they come out of left field, and no one KNEW they were coming, those are the ones we talk about for the next month.

Unfortunately, this morning we woke up to this:

Not an awful lot of snow, but enough. Boots, winter parkas, hats, mitts had to be sorted through this morning [thank goodness we had them all]. Sidewalks needed to be shoveled. Cars needed to be warmed up. Windshields needed to be scraped. Kids needed to be driven to school on icy roads. I can't say I'm surprised... 'Cause I'm not. I live in Canada for goodness sakes... But I hate knowing I've got a minimum of 5 more months of this...

I wonder how preparing for a blizzard or having a winter storm warning in effect, is worse than living somewhere tropical and battening down the hatches for a Hurricane or tropical storm... I'll probably never know...

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