Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nice Days

The simple things... It's November, and I have yet, to pull my garden out for the year. Yes, that's kind of sad. I went outside yesterday, and was looking at all the dead plants, and I saw this...

I planted dill this year. Yes, I used some in my cooking, and yes, it smelled lovely. [And that is completely dependent on whether or not you actually like the taste of dill, shockingly, some do not...] Any way, I saw this, and it still smelled of dill! Can you believe it? And it just looked so darn pretty, that I took a picture of it. [Borrowing a camera from a friend right now] So I've been doing some impromptu photo shoots. Trying a few different things, and trying to convince myself that I deserve a new camera.

The bummer is that right now, it gets dark earlier and earlier. The other night, we had to go down to the river to collect some rocks for Mason, his homework. By the time we got to the river, the sun was behind the hill, but that didn't stop us from collecting rocks, OR taking pictures!

This one never misses an opportunity to stop what he's doing and give me a smile!

This one, never stops what she's doing!! Too funny the difference between these two-rugrats. She's been carrying a balloon around in her pocket since Sunday. She loves to blow it up and let it go, and giggles like crazy as it takes off and the air comes out.

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