Friday, June 25, 2010

School's Out for Summer...

School's out forever! Can't you just hear Alice Cooper singing that song? For many years that song signaled the end of junior high and high school for me. There was ALWAYS someone with their ghetto blaster [yeah, that's right, I said ghetto blaster] cranked. [By the way - if you don't know what a ghetto blaster is, you're far too young to be reading this blog]

Any way, that song is still embedded in my brain, and now, with the end of the school year right here, I've found myself humming it on more than one occasion.

Maddy has been home with me all week. She had her 'graduation' on Monday, and was finished with preschool. The weather has turned around... We've been able to wear shorts and sandals this week, finally. Mad and I got to the park a few times, and I have a bit of a guilty pleasure... It's taken me 8 years, but I'm now there. This is what the park looked like for Maddy:

She climbed, she swung on the swing [which she can pump herself] she slides, she just in general has a great time.

This is what the park looks like for me now:

[squealing in delight here] Because I'm not kidding. It's taken a long time to get to the point, where I can go to the park, and do nothing but supervise. Starting tomorrow, the 2 of them will have each other, for the whole summer... Just imagine the reading I can get in! ;-) I'm happy, they're happy... It's a total win/win situation.

Little park diva, right here: Love the shades, babe.

This little dude finished grade 2 today. He even said to me this morning, "take my picture outside Mum, it's the last day of school!" Alrighty then, it doesn't usually take too much prodding to get my camera out. He says he's sad it's summer, he's going to miss school and miss his friends. I say Pfffft... Give it a few days.

We handed these little treats out to the class. From what I hear, they were a hit. They were freezies, and the little note says: Remember to stay COOL this summer. I came up with this idea all by myself!

Tomorrow is Mason's actual birthday. He'll be 8. [sigh]. Tomorrow we're going to celebrate his day quietly, go for dinner [his choice] and just have a relaxing day at home. As of tomorrow morning, we start summer vacation! Whoop, whoop! And I'm SO excited about the break in our every day routine.

The next few months, with no schedules or time tables, is what being a kid is all about. I'm glad I get to be home with them! Our first thing to do, is to make a list of things to do!

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