Monday, June 21, 2010

One Finished School - One to go...

Today, this little girl had her last day of Preschool. Her Dad and I watched as she 'graduated' somewhat in denial. [I'm sure EVERYONE is tired of me talking about how fast time IS going by] I'll try to stop that. But just a quick heads up, that won't be happening this week, I'll have to try and tone it down a bit in the coming weeks.

Here's a picture of Madelyn with her Dad and I. Proud parents, and as we're having our picture taken, Madelyn is sticking her tongue out at the camera. And THAT my friends, is Madelyn in a nutshell... I don't know if I should send a warning along to the teacher... Staple it to her sleeve on the first day of Kindergarten? Or do I just let the teacher figure out what she's in for herself? I have a couple of months to ponder that one.

Maddy handed out these bubbles today, for the kids in her class. She drew the picture, then I scanned it, shrunk it down, and fit it onto an Avery label. It looked cute, and it says: Take time to blow bubbles! Have a wonderful summer. She was pretty pleased with herself.

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