Monday, June 14, 2010

How Can it Be?

We had an AWESOME weekend. Seriously... It was fantastic! The weather was perfect, and it was SEASONABLE... [What we have been experiencing lately has been WELL BELOW seasonable, temperature-wise.] I don't want my blog to be ALL ABOUT THE WEATHER. And I certainly don't want it to be always COMPLAINING about the weather, but it seems I am.

Here's the scoop... Last week was cold. It rained for the better part of the week. I am embarrassed to admit how many times I actually used the seat warmer in my car. That's right, it's mid-June, and I'm still using my seat warmer... And I'm wearing polar fleece. And slippers.

This does not paint a pretty picture does it? So, I woke up on Saturday morning, early, and there was this blinding, bright light shining into my room, I was caught off guard. It was the sun... And it continued to shine not only ALL DAY and evening on Saturday, but then again, ALL DAY and evening on Sunday. It was bliss. The temperatures soared into the high 20's°. It was finally warm enough for shorts, and [gasp] bathing suits... The kids finally got to run through the sprinkler on Sunday. Madelyn has been asking and waiting so patiently, and it finally worked out for her!

It was short lived however, because we woke up this morning to those dreadful cloudy skies again... We sat at soccer, shivering again...We had to warm up with hot chocolate after soccer again. I put on my electric seat warmer, again. But I have some great pictures to remember the fantastic weekend that just passed. I hope this isn't a glimpse of how the summer is going to play out.

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