Thursday, June 17, 2010

More of the Same

This is still the view out my window. Two days of sunshine, 4 days ago, has sadly been erased.

I'm finding it a tad depressing. We've had cancelled soccer games 2 weeks in a row. (Not that I'm complaining about the ones that are cancelled, that means I'm not sitting out in the cold/rain) Because believe me, 7 weeks in we've sat out in the rain our fair share of games too.

This is what the majority of our games have looked like. This is Mason looking chuffy... [his word, not mine] He was furious with me for insisting he wear a toque and making him wear a hoodie under his soccer jersey. This was our conversation:

Mace: "I'm not wearing this, it makes me look chuffy!" [talking about the hoodie in question]

Me: You ARE wearing this, it's freezing out.

Mace: "But it makes me look chuffy!"

Me: "Wouldn't you rather be warmer than worry about being chuffy?"

Mace: "I won't even be able to run with this on, and I'm NOT wearing that toque."

Me: "Yes you are." And then, I had to ask the question... "Mason, what does chuffy mean?"

Mace: "You know Mum, big and puffy. Chuffy."

Alas, here's a picture of my little 'chuffy' boy himself... And look at that, the toque on AND the hoodie up. Incidentally, after we left the soccer game, I said to him "Bet you're sure glad you had a toque and your hoodie on" He begrudgingly said "Yes... But I was chuffiest one there."
To which I replied, "Well, maybe so, but you were also the warmest!"

[Sorry Mum, doesn't look like the hoodie is a favorite...]
On my camera, I used my knew found knowledge of 'white balance' settings. I selected 'cloudy' which it was. But in this picture above, the clouds were DARK and GRAY. And that isn't conveyed in this picture.

And here's little Miss thing... She's dressed from head to toe for winter, including her Uggs.

Yup, that's me. I'm not trying to make a fashion statement [obviously]. It's called keeping warm. Polar fleece and 3/4 length winter parkas are where it's at in this fair city.
Even Barry sported a toque. That's gotta say something.

Please, someone remind me of this, when I start to talk about soccer registration next year. The weather seems nicer in February and March than May and June.

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