Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ta - Da!


Not exactly what I had in mind... Quite a bit more layered than I hoped for. But I've spent a week moping and feeling sorry for myself. I now EMBRACE this new cut, and will try to make the best of it. And we all know, hair grows back...

Working on my Week in the Life, after Ali Edwards. You can see her 2008 example here.

It is a HUGE commitment, but goes nicely along with my word of 2010 which if you remember is DOCUMENT. I'm still keeping up with my 365 days project. [That too is a huge commitment, but I'm doing a lot of it digitally, so that cuts the stress right down for me]. It will be so neat to look back and see a picture for each day of the year.

I spent the weekend scrapbooking with girlfriends, and I finalized my 2008 Week in the Life project, looking back at it was fantastic. So that made me realize I indeed wanted to do it again. It's hard to remember to bring the camera every where I go. And I do feel silly setting it up for self portrait shots, but looking back on the photos, I know I'll be so glad I did. I'm trying to capture myself a bit more as well, in some of these pictures. After all, I am documenting MY life!

I should try and post more pics, or at least some of my layouts. Maybe later on today.

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