Monday, April 5, 2010

Ear Infection

I thought I was pretty smart, I'd blogged a few times... I might have even bragged about the weather, and then Madelyn started to complain about her ear. Her left ear to be exact. I'm the kind of Mum that doesn't like to get too worked up about little things. I don't like to ask too many questions such as: "Does it hurt more like a pain or a stab?" or "Does it feel like things aren't right?"Or "How about now? Does it still hurt?" She complained in the morning a few times after waking up, but as the day progressed, she said it felt fine. Well, when she woke up last week crying and said she thought there were cactus prickles in her ears.... We knew we had a problem. To ensure that this was indeed a real problem, I might have said something like "Well, you won't be able to go in the pool again if there's something wrong with your ear" Her response to that zinger was "I never want to go in the pool again!"

We knew right then that we had a problem.

So yes, we got to experience Urgent Care in America. And that was fine. We waited a much shorter time than we would have at home. The staff were very kind to us. And for an undisclosed amount of cash we left having seen a doctor and antibiotics in hand. Making us all the more grateful that we were indeed in a position to pay for care, and feeling very fortunate to be from Canada, where we're taken care of and take it a bit for granted.

So we had a rocky few days [why is it ALWAYS worse at night] but things are on the up and up. Thank God. We've got a few days left here in sunny AZ. I think I've hit my shopping max. It's all good.

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