Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For Today - Wednesday April 21st

Outside my window...A totally gorgeous day [yes, it was a touch breezy at times] but it was 23 degrees, how can you possibly complain about that?

I am thinking... The week is almost over, and I'm running a bit behind. That's what happens when you take an extended weekend.

I am thankful for... having a husband who knows how important spending time with my friends is to me. Thanks Hon...

I am wearing...capri pants (yippeeee!) and a layered tee!

I am remembering... I completely forgot to send a birthday card in the mail for a friends birthday... Which is TODAY! Happy Birthday friend! Watch for your card in the mail!

I am going... to take Madelyn to the park in the morning. It was the only way I could get her up to bed.

I am currently reading...Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer. [And I'm not lost in it like I was the other 2 before it]

I am hoping...that spring and summer will be awesome for us this year. We deserve it.

On my mind... I feel so bad about the recent owl incident in our neighborhood, and I hope that the baby owlets survive.

Noticing that...The days are starting earlier and lasting longer... I LOVE this time of year.

Pondering these words... You know you're an artist when you go through a glue stick faster than lipstick.

From the kitchen... Got the ole bread maker out, ready to make some raisin bread tomorrow. Mmmmmmm...

Around the house... My house is clean today. I'm looking at things very critically. I'm very motivated to unload stuff.

One of my favorite things: Seeing the kids play outside after school. Bubbles blowing, scooters scooting, bikes getting ridden, chalk drawings on the driveway, bug catchers and nets, oh my!

From my picture journal...

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