Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Day of Transformation...

I'm getting my haircut today. I'm getting a cut AND highlights, because all the natural highlights I have right now are getting a bit out of control. [And if I keep pulling them ALL out, I'm going to be in trouble] I have a dream...

I want to have hair like this:

I mean come on... The waves, the length, the color, the thickness... It doesn't help that I find Ms. Evangeline Lilly absolutely DROP DEAD GORGEOUS either. But that hair... Straight or wavy, LOVE IT.

I can actually picture what I'd look like with this hair on my head, and believe me, it's nice... In the category of hair, I have always longed for what I don't have. My hair is bone straight, I want curls. My hair is a bit frizzy, I want smooth. I truly wonder if we are ever happy with what we've been given, because I know for a fact a couple of my 'curly-haired' friends, wish theirs were straight (believe me girls, straight is nasty)

I have had hair that I didn't complain 2 times in the past twenty years. Both times it was a heck of a good run, something like 9 months each... Yep, you got it, pregnant hair. It was gorgeous and thick, and looked healthy.

Here - preggy with Mason

Here - preggy with Madelyn. Oh my... look at that little boy, just a baby himself.

The only problem, once those kiddos were born, I started to shed the hair. In ridiculous amounts. Like I've been to the doctor numerous times over the past 7 years and been quite alarmed. I think I even alarmed my dermatologist last fall when I pulled out a lot of hair during an appointment. She gave me a prescription, of stuff to smear on my head (it has to stay on, and it's greasy she said, so you'll have to do it on the weekends) And I thought, "Awesome. No problem." I started to visualize my Evangeline hair, and THEN she said...(as she handed me the prescription) "This could cause hair to grow in other places as well, you might notice an increase in facial hair". And I thought, Whoa. Stop the boat... I don't want to have beautiful thick Evangeline Lilly hair and man face... So needless to say, I never filled the prescription.

Any way, today is the day, I come to terms with the fact, that I don't and won't ever have Evangeline-like hair (no more babies for this cat). So I'm going to work with what I have, and get a trim. I'd like it to look nice on a regular basis you see. So here's my before picture...

A bit frizzy, not totally dry from a hair wash. Because you might think, there's a bit of a wave there, but if I go out in public and come back home, it's flat as a pancake... Look closely, you can see the fuzzy's at the top of my head...Also referred to as my 'natural' highlights. Sheesh... The girl should have put on some make up too!

Stay tuned for the after!

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