Saturday, March 27, 2010

One Week In

We've been in Arizona for a whole week. I'm wearing shorts, capri pants and flip flops. I've lathered myself in sunscreen (and the kids too of course, that needs to be done multiple times a day). I've been the the pool about 5 times, though I haven't actually been IN the pool. I've been to my favorite little bakery, I've been to Target. (sadly, only once so far on the Target front) I've driven to 2 golf courses (and they are really spectacular in the desert). I've held my own on the 202 (freeway) where you quickly learn to travel WITH the traffic, or become a statistic. I've bought some shorts, t-shirts and dresses. I've been to Ross and TJMaxx. I've hit the Nordstrom Rack, and know the gems that can be found there because of a trip to Seattle in 2005. I've mooched through Pottery Barn kids, I've drank some margarita's. I've celebrated my 40th birthday, and realized that just because my driver's license says 40, my brain says 25. I've made some good buys. I've steared clear of scrapbooking related things (yay for me!) I've taken lots of pictures. I've pulled dozens of cactus thorns out of Maddy's little hands (a big step for learning there) I've seen cactus wrens, mourning doves, hummingbirds, grackles and killjoys, though still waiting patiently for a road runner. I'm skirting carefully around a 500 sq ft space with the other 3 people I live with (though not well). I've stared at Superstition Mountains and seen thousands of cacti. I also still wish Costco had a change room! All that and only one week in!

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