Wednesday, March 10, 2010

10 on the 10th - March 2010

1. We had a visit from the tooth fairy this week. Guess who lost ANOTHER tooth. Such a cutie patootie.
2. My brother came over for dinner this week, and we 'skyped' my Mum & Dad. I can't believe how quickly you revert to a 5 year old. Making faces at the camera, gesturing each other... At one point I began to speak as though the connection was breaking up... It was beyond hilarious. Chris and I had tears spilling down our cheeks. The reaction in AZ... My dad said I don't know what the hell she's saying.... Which in case you're wondering, made it EVEN funnier...

3. The weather has been so nice, that the sudden shift in the wind, and clouds in the sky made us a bit crabby. We are SO ready for spring around here. My garden acutally has green things poking through... Sweet mother of pearl.

4. Another person in the family that is having a hard time getting used to the space in his teeth. Every time I look at him, I can't believe my baby is growing up! He hasn't started to lisp yet, but once the next one goes, it should be funny.

5. My
girls and I watched Jason and Molly's wedding on TV Monday night. It was fun. The company was great, the snacks yummy. But I am NOT getting invested in any more reality shows. I'm done. Seriously. I've watched the last one. [Stop laughing at me, I mean it]

6. Madelyn decided to color. She was wearing her Spider hat and her little doggie back pack. [The one that she wears when we go to busy places like airports. Because this child is not afraid of getting lost. She LOVES the back pack, which helps. She doesn't think that wearing it is punishment at all. Lucky us.

7. I registered the kids for soccer today. Both kids... Yes, I remember what spring has been like for the past 4 years. This is what the kids wore last season to one of Mason's last games in JUNE. Crikey, what am I doing? 4 nights a week...

8. I registered the kids for summer camps as well today. Registration started on Monday. Seriously folks... It would be nice to get rid of all the snow before we start focusing on Summer activities.

9. We are on the official countdown for Arizona. I hope the weather smartens up. I have SO MUCH to do before we go. I've got lists all over the house.

10. I'm working on invites for Madelyn's 5th birthday. My hope for the 5th year, is that she and I can get along a little bit better. Right now, I can't believe she hasn't packed her bags and just plain asked me to take her to the gypsies. EVERYTHING with her is a battle. I'm at a complete loss. I feel like a beaten dog.

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