Monday, March 8, 2010

Back on Our Feet

Well, it took us 4 days. 4 long very long days. But we seem to be back on our feet again. The verdict? Just a virus the doctor informed me today. Ears fine, throat fine, lungs fine, everything fine. Everything that is, except that awful rattly wet chest cough... But it too seems to be rearing it's ugly head less and less.

This weekend was so nice. It was sunny and warm-ish (I mean, c'mon it was 12° after all, absolutely balmy). But watching the news last night, we saw a new 'system' making it's way eastward from the pacific coast. And right on target, the wind suddenly changed direction and started blowing hard and cold from the north. Ughhhhh. I know that spring like weather in February and March is too good to be true, but darn it, we deserve it! I'd love to see green grass, green leaves and flowers blooming. But Mother Nature seems to be blowing hard, and it is supposed to snow a little tonight. But I'm elated to say, that the snow on our front street in front of our house, and most of the way up the street is completely gone. I thought we might have snow and ruts until July. This is what it looked like in January.

Seriously, a small car could have been devoured.

We're a bit bummed out around here. Both our cars were 'broken into' last night. Now I say 'broken into' like that, because it would appear that we left them unlocked. Stupid... My car had NOTHING in it, except my 15 year old sunglasses, a cell phone charge cord and loose change for parking meters, shopping carts, the occasional Tim Horton's Iced Capp... Today it still has my 15 year old sunglasses (man, do I get good use out of stuff or what?) and my cell phone charger. The car was void of ANY loose change. Again, our dumb fault, but still annoying. Barry's car too was robbed of loose change, and unfortunately his GPS, major bummer. He also found a jacket of his up the street. It is our fault, and it's really a dumb way to lose your stuff, but having windows smashed would SO have sucked. Lesson learned.

On a happier note, this sweet drawing is on our driveway and will be as long as not too much snow accumulates. Madelyn and our babysitter drew it with chalk last week on nice warm afternoon. Maddy's heart is on the right, and Alisha's on the left. Madelyn adores her, and Ali feels exactly the same way back. It's pretty cute.

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