Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I KNEW he'd Pick Her...

I'm referring to the Bachelor of course. You know, Jake. I just KNEW he'd pick Vienna. It was almost like I new Andrew Firestone would pick Jenn... {But let's face it, she was such a doll} Jenn that is, not Vienna. It might come as a bit of a surprise, but I don't actually know either of them, Jenn or Vienna. But I do know that I struggle with my judgments a bit. I hope that Jake and Vienna are blissfully happy. I hope their life turns out to be the fairytale that 9 wks of reality TV conjured up. I seriously hope this fella can plan a romantic date... Like seriously, what a let down... You go to the most magical places, and see the greatest sights. You've got all your dates lined up for you, you really can't go wrong. He's got some high standards to live up to. Let's hope he doesn't disappoint.

Now, onto other news... Last years Bachelor SUPER-Shocker.... You know, when Jason picked Melissa, but then dumped her on After the final rose, and hooked back up with Molly... Does that spark any thing? My gals and I, made a night of it, we were completely caught off-guard...

Well, next Monday night, Molly & Jason are getting married. So my girls and I will again be getting together to oohhhh and ahhhhh over what goes on. [If the truth be told, it will be A LOT about the snacks]

I also heard on the news today, and by news I mean e-talk daily... That Jake (our dear bachelor) will be one of the new contestants on dancing with the stars. Hilarious... Wonder how his job as a pilot is going these days... It just might be worth watching, which is pathetic, because lately it feels like things revolve a bit too much around what's on TV. It's a winter phenomenon... Spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME watching crap on TV. I'm always glad when spring comes, and we can get outside more.

We're on an Arizona count down around here. We'll be heading south towards the end of the month. Looking forward to flip flops, tank tops and capri pants.

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