Sunday, February 21, 2010

For Today - February 21st, 2010

Outside my window... It’s clear and sunny today. Maybe even WARM… Love the sunshine on my face.

I am thinking... What a nice time we had yesterday at Kris & Kirstin's wedding!

I am thankful for... Kids that both got sore throats and colds, but didn’t get knocked off their feet.

I am wearing... Black sweat pants, a black t-shirt and a sweater. [I’m so fancy when I’m at home].

I am remembering... That we need to pick up a new lunch box for Mason. He’s had his current one for a year and a half. It needs to be replaced, but he won’t use an old Toopy & Binoo one, because he thinks he’ll get made fun of.

I am going... To pick up pictures at Costco this week. Run errands, have coffee with some friends, walk on my treadmill, volunteer at the school on Wednesday.

I am currently reading...[finished reading actually] Best Friends Forever… Didn’t enjoy it. Should have known better, because I didn’t enjoy the last book I read by her either. [Mental note to self, no more books from this author.]

I am hoping... for an early spring, just like the ground hog promised! Enough of winter and cold and snow and grey. Hello sunshine and warmth. [pretty please…]

On my mind... I’ve had painful headaches now for the past 5 days. Makes me hope nothing else is the matter.

Noticing that... It’s nearly supper time, and if I don’t get it started, we won’t eat. Simple as that.

Pondering these words... “This too shall pass”

From the kitchen... Barry and the kids went for groceries today, so we have a vast assortment of chips, treats and cereal…

Around the house... Getting ready to watch Canada vs the USA in men’s Olympic Hockey. Go Canada Go!

One of my favorite things: A sunny quiet Sunday afternoon, to sit and veg on the couch under a blanket w/my hubby.

From my picture journal...

[This is a picture of my wonderful family at yesterday's wedding]

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